Oxford Mail readers have been giving their views on people setting off fireworks when it is not November 5.

We asked readers on our Oxford Mail Facebook page: “Would you prefer it if your neighbours held off setting off fireworks until November 5?”

Some readers said they would prefer it if fireworks were only lit from November 5 but others disagreed.

According to UKFR.com (UK Firework Law and Regulations website) it is legal in the UK for consumers to let fireworks off at any time of the year, including away from the seasonal Bonfire Night selling periods and on any day of the week.

However, you must not let fireworks off after 11pm at night.

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There are four exceptions to the 11pm curfew: Bonfire Night itself (November 5): Not after midnight; New Year’s Eve (December 31): Not after 1am; Diwali (2021 date is November 4): Not after 1am; New Year (2022 date is February 1): Not after 1am.

STACEY MARIE: "Doesn't bother me at all. I love watching them out the window at night.”

OXFORD MAIL READER: “It’s not my business what my neighbours do!”

SUE LEWIS: “I would rather they didn’t let them off at all.”

SAM HARDING: “People are saying ban them - do you really think that will stop these fireworks? No it would just make them dangerous as people would start buying through the black market and get fireworks which have not passed any quality standards.” ALAN CAMPBELL: “Someone let one off last night and the cat nearly knocked the Christmas tree down.”

KELLE MARIE: "I would prefer it if animal owners acknowledged that fireworks have been used since 200BC. And if they cannot train animals in 2.221 years to not be afraid of a few unexpected bangs around the year. Then they should stop whingeing about fireworks and learn to train an animal. Early exposure to loud bangs means your pet isn’t scared - it’s not rocket science. Stop blaming others for your own pet care.”

SUSAN LEAKE: "Kelle Marie I would love to know how a herd of cows or a flock of sheep or ponies in a field can be trained. The benefit of your expertise would be welcomed by all.”

ELTON HUNT: “Don’t really care it’s only once a year let people have a bit of fun.”

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SARAH CANTOR: “If they give their neighbours who have pets and children who get scared some notice or at least them know, that way it’s not a shock to anyone is frightened, and who ever has pets can medicate before fireworks start.”

VAL DONALD: “Sarah Cantor my dog hates loud noises full stop.”

JANE DORAN: “Val Donald so does mine.”

NICOLA TINKHAM: “So the world stops bonfire night for your dog? Sort yourself out!”

BEATY PEA: “I don’t care what they do to be honest. Neither do my autistic child, dog, cats or hedgehog, a lot of the time pet owners actually create issues with their reaction.”

ALARNA TEMPEST: “Why would you want to try and stop it?

“Not everyone can afford to go to the shows, not everyone is able to get to the shows, some people can’t go to shows due to disabilities and are scared of the crowds of people and too much noise and it’s a little bit of fun for the children. After the last 18 months let the kids have some fun.”

KAREN HOWE: “Doesn’t bother us - it’s a bit of fun.”

JACQUI COLLIER: “Since Diwali is November 4 no.”

SHELLEY HOPPER: “Wish they were only let off at organised events!! And Nov 5 only for those that have to medicate their animals!”

CALLY HILL: “I’d prefer it if neighbours left it for organised displays. Remove them from public sale.”

KEIRON KING: “It happens all year round here, so it doesn’t really bother us at all.”

JULIAN PHILP: “I don’t mind - they can let them off when they want - I’ll be outside taking photos.”

ALISON KINCHIN: “I would prefer if my neighbours would hold off setting off fireworks full stop.”

ANDY BROWN: “As long as I have enough time to protect my goldfish from the noise then I’m happy.”

STEVE NICHOLLS: “Why buy animals when you know people set fireworks off.”

SARAH CHANDLER: “I don’t care when people set them off. If they are having a good time then let them.”