PEOPLE in Oxford are steeling for a battle with developers over controversial plans to build 402 apartments and a 133-bed hotel described as 'invasive'.

Days after the planning application for the land at Thornhill Park, London Road, was unveiled, Oxford City Council received a number of objections from residents concerned about the effects that the build could have on the already worsening traffic, pollution and the character of the area.

Savills, the letting agent behind the development, which would also include an innovation centre to house an office space, a gym, café and restaurant, also saw pushback from local health services.

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As part of a formal objection, a manager from Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group, which plans, buys and oversees health services in the county, highlighted that the already-stretched GP centre in Headington would not be able to accommodate the influx of hundreds of additional patients.

With the nearest surgery at Barton Leisure Centre, which is run by Hedena Health, who are part of the OX3+ Primary Care Network, these new residents will be left without the 'required health infrastructure' needed.

Alongside pressure from the OCCG, people living in Headington also vowed to 'organise' and 'fight' for their rights.

Fabio Da Silva Moore, who lives on Groveland Road, even threatened the local parish to 'not expect votes' in the next election.

Mike McCarthy, who lives on Bursill Close, also pointed out that Headington is already congested with heavy traffic.

He added: "If we are all serious about excess pollution, biodiversity and the climate crisis then stop these developments from happening.

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"It will seriously effect the residents of Risinghurst and Sandhills Estates.

"There are already proposals being put forward to develop on the Green Belt at the back of Sandhills, with 150 properties and potentially 300 and more cars.

"All these developments are going to have a serious effect on our children's future.

"This is not progress, it is a serious climate issue for our and future generations."

Even more, Deanna Lucey, who lives on Downside Road, said that she is concerned about the effect this development would have on her privacy and added that having a hotel right next to her house is a 'safety issue'.

To find out more about this application visit Oxford City Council planning website using reference 21/01695/FUL.