A MUM is entering her first beauty pageant, in memory of her partner who committed suicide and to show her son how strong she can be.

Charmaine Class, 28, from Bicester, will be aiming to take the Miss Pageant Girl UK crown this weekend.

Miss Class, who is Bicester born and bred, is Oxfordshire’s finalist for the pageant.

Her partner committed suicide in 2019 and Miss Class is hoping to be an inspiration for her nine-year-old son by displaying her mental strength.

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She said: “I’m doing this to represent the strength that people can have during a bad time, and to inspire other women going through a hard time.

“My partner’s loss has inspired me and I want to show my son I’m strong.

“It’s so important for him to see me as a role model – he’s really flourished and grown through all this.

“He became sports captain at school, which is an achievement and I’m proud of him.”

thisisoxfordshire: Bicester mum Charmaine Class is taking part in a beauty pageant in memory of her partner. Picture: Ed NixBicester mum Charmaine Class is taking part in a beauty pageant in memory of her partner. Picture: Ed Nix

Miss Class, a former pupil at The Cooper School, entered the contest in February.

She said: “It was quite a mad idea and I didn’t expect to get anywhere.

“I wanted to do something that will get me noticed, because if I win, I’ll be able to represent and help other people in my situation.

“I hope that one day, someone can come forward to me and I can give them help and support.

“I’m feeling confident about it and very much looking forward to representing Oxfordshire and feeling inspired by myself.

“I fancy my chances and I’m looking forward to hopefully bringing the crown to Oxfordshire.”

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The pageant takes place this weekend at the Park Hall Hotel in Chorley, Lancashire.

No matter the outcome of the event, Miss Class said she would continue with beauty pageants, having seen her confidence being given a boost.

She said: “I absolutely want to carry on with these events – I’ve actually entered Miss Pageant Queen UK too.

“They help build confidence and self-belief.

“People think it’s just a beauty pageant but it’s not – there’s lots of women out there with empowering stories.

“We speak a lot online but this will be the first time I’ll have seen them.

“We’re all from different parts of the UK and obviously Covid has made things difficult for us to meet each other.”

Grand finalists this weekend will be judged in three different rounds – an interview, evening wear and a round which sees contestants wear jeans and a T-shirt.