Abingdon residents and visitors to the town may have wondered if the number of cafes and coffee shops has now reached saturation point.

The latest newcomer is Missing Bean, which started out in Turl Street in Oxford city centre in 2009.

There is plenty of choice in the town when it comes to buying a coffee, with lots of options located in and around the market place and high street.


The chain Costa has two cafes - one on the corner of the precinct and the other near Abingdon Bridge.

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But it has lots of competition - Java and R&R are well established in the market place and Coffee Aroma and Throwing Buns are not far away - there are plenty of other options too.


Now Oxford-based Missing Bean has decided to throw its baristas into the ring.

The company is expanding and has moved into the former TSB bank building in Stert Street.

Following a challenging conversion project, the cafe opened in May.


Cafe manager Devin Oelofsen said the move was a good decision.

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She added: “This is the first of a trio of new cafes we are opening and the local community has been so welcoming.

“When you move to a new place you hope for a positive reception but here in Abingdon it has been a bit overwhelming.

“One of the first questions people ask us is about the tough competition in this town but each place has its own unique qualities to offer.


“The Missing Bean is a speciality coffee shop and we really focus on customer service.”

Ms Oelofsen said the new cafe offered a ‘fresh take’ on a town which she believes will be the next ‘hotspot’.

“I really do think Abingdon has a lot of potential,” she added.

“One of its plus points is the way people living here support independent businesses.

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“That really does make a difference - people in Abingdon have stepped up - a lot of people are very big on ‘supporting local’ and recognising small independents.”


Ms Oelofsen added that members of staff work at all Missing Bean cafes to gain experience.

She said: "We have opened in Banbury and will also open in Botley at the end of August."

For more about the company which has its own roastery visit themissingbean.co.uk.