MEMBERS of a community union in Oxford gathered outside an estate agents to call for compensation for a family with four children battling 'extreme' mould and damp in their home.

The event on Saturday morning followed another one last month to highlight the case of Kyveli Vagner who says she has been living a 'nightmare' since moving into a property in Oxford's Rose Hill, managed by estate agency Chancellors, in December 2018.

The family has been paying £1,200 a month in rent for the property, while they wait for Chancellors to take on the 'essential' repairs to make it safe to live in.

ACORN shared photographs of their weekend action showing members raising their fists in the air in support of Ms Vagner.

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A statement alongside said: "Now they are finally beginning repairs to solve the damp and broken fixtures in the house, but Kyveli needs and deserves £800 compensation for the ill health and stress she has suffered."

Following June's rally, Chancellors contacted Ms Vagner about fixing the fridge, oven and extractor, and to arrange further electrical and plumbing work, which could be causing the mould.

Melany Roake, training manager at the company, said: "I can confirm that Chancellors takes responsibility for the management of property to a suitable standard very seriously.

"We do so in line with regulation and industry best practices and are sorry that the tenant in this situation has had cause to raise their concerns via the ACORN group."