A technical glitch has caused several roads in Oxford to incorrectly appear as closed on satellite navigation devices such as TomTom and Google Maps.

Oxfordshire County Council said it happened after it submitted data on new Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) to a Google 'network management system' and explained they are working to resolve the problem.

Some bollards are in place in Cowley as part of the LTN scheme; however, the road closed glitch is appearing on more residential streets in the area as closed, with a message on Google Maps stating they will be shut until March 2022.

A council spokesman spoke to the BBC and said: "The council's network coordination team submitted some data into its network management system which Google Maps uses to list the road blocks and bollards in the Cowley and Florence Park areas that make up the low traffic neighbourhoods.

"However, it appears a glitch has emerged with how the data has presented itself on screen.

"Only a small number of roads in the area have the LTN road blocks involved and the current view showing so many closed is an error."

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