WE reported how a family is seeking help to get their autistic son diagnosed with a behavioural condition so that he can be treated properly.

Sophie Middleton, from Witney, believes her son Albert has ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), but said the wait to get the five-year-old diagnosed on the NHS is almost five years – leaving him without appropriate medication and care.

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Now, the Middletons are hoping a fundraiser will allow them to get a private diagnosis much quicker. So far, just over £555 of a £1,000 target has been raised via GoFundMe.

Here's what you said:

HELEN DURÁN: "It's a ridiculous wait for assessment, after you've already spent years trying to get a referral. We're 2.5 years in to our wait. apparently the only way a child will be seen sooner is if they are physically hurting themselves or other. But why should a child and a family have to get to this level of distress in order to get the help they need?

"Waiting for there to be a major problem and making them suffer through school for years without the support they need only leads to more and more problems - especially in school where it often results in poor attendance and the kids falling further and further behind, which could often be avoided if they had the diagnosis and support in order to flourish and excel.

"Making kids and families wait years and then wonder why it's harder to care and support these families is like shutting the gate after the horse has bolted and then wondering why you can't catch it."

MON GREGORY: "The whole system is a joke."

DELVISE SAUNDERS: "The whole system needs looking at. I think people have to wait so long and without any help - it's wrong."

LAURA SIMPSON: "Yep it’s atrocious. If you’re able to find a way to get it done privately go for it. But the government needs to put more funding into these things it is completely unacceptable to have that long of a wait.

"It’s bad enough trying to convince doctors or educators that the reason your kid behaves a certain way is because they have the traits of autism or ADHD. Especially if it presents itself a lot quieter than others. Good luck to you guys, I hope you’re able to get that private diagnosis."

CALLY HILL: "Eight years for my son's diagnosis of ASD. There is just not enough funding for the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS). When he got diagnosed, I was told that he showed clear traits from two years old, yet didn't get diagnosed until nearly 16 years.

"They said he must have 'slipped through the net'.

MARY TIMMS: "My son has been waiting for three years and six months. The only advice they offered me was be patient."

TERRI MCGUIGAN: "I know this oh so well, it's such a shame. We as a family went through hell with my now 19-year-old. Many of years waiting and wondering. By the time she was finally diagnosed, damage was done."

CHARLENE FEW: "My son finally got diagnosed at 14 after a long battle, he’s now 18. Now waiting for CAMHS to see my six-year-old. He’s been on the list a year and was told it was three-year wait or more due to Covid."

BARBARA GILKES: "There is just not enough help for these children and they go under the radar. More help is needed."

TRACEY RICHENS: "How can they justify letting down children that are vulnerable and clearly struggling They have a lot to answer for cause it effects the whole family's mental health."

KELLY CONDER: "I've been waiting for 16 years for someone to listen and finally diagnose my son with autism and have now to wait even longer for him to be tested for ADHD."

JO CAREY: "We are in the same boat and decided to see a private consultant. Not as expensive as you'd think and worth ever penny."

CARLA HICKS: "My son is 13 and struggling with most things. We are one year into the 2.5 year waiting list. It’s so frustrating, the system takes so long."

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