CLAIMS that another emergency vehicle was delayed by a new traffic scheme have surfaced.

In March, Oxfordshire County Council introduced Low Traffic Neighbourhoods to Cowley as part of a six-month trial, but some locals claim it has affected emergency service attendance time.

A video circulating on Twitter showed two police vans turning around at the end of Gaisford Road.

The man who posted the video, and wishes to remain anonymous, said the video showed the police van 'returning from the detour' after being initially 'stuck' at the Littlemore Road bollard.

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The second video shows the police van allegedly driving back after its 'second detour'.

Blue lights were not on during the video but the man who recorded the footage claimed the emergency services were 'still being held up' by the new scheme.

In March, locals said the traffic calming measure caused an ambulance to be delayed in reaching a dying man - both South Central Ambulance Service [SCAS] and the council denied the LTN had any effect.

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Thames Valley Police and Oxfordshire County Council were contacted for a statement regarding the videos.