WE MIGHT live in one of the best cities, but do we live in the best 'Oxford'? 

According to the website Geotargit, there are 42 places around the world that share the same name as our historic city. 

Here we look at all of them, to see how our Oxford compares to the others. 

  • Oxford in Santa Catarina, Brazil 
  • Oxford in Nova Scotia, Canada 


  • Oxford in Aukland, New Zealand 

thisisoxfordshire: Oxford's Town Hall in New ZealandOxford's Town Hall in New Zealand

  • Oxford in Saint Thomas, Jamacia 
  • Oxford in Saint Catherine, Jamacia 
  • Oxford in Manchester, Jamacia 
  • Oxford in Alabama, USA

thisisoxfordshire: Oxford High School, AlabamaOxford High School, Alabama

  • Oxford in Arkansas, USA
  • Oxford in California, USA

thisisoxfordshire: Oxford CaliforniaOxford California

  • Oxford in Colorado, USA
  • Oxford in Connecticut, USA
  • Oxford in Florida, USA


  • Oxford in Georgia, USA
  • Oxford in Idaho, USA
  • Oxford in Indiana, USA
  • Oxford in Iowa, USA
  • Oxford in Kansas, USA
  • Oxford in Kentucky, USA
  • Oxford in Louisianna, USA
  • Oxford in Maine, USA


  • Oxford in Maryland, USA
  • Oxford in Massachusetts, USA


  • Oxford in Michigan, USA
  • Oxford in Mississippi, USA
  • Oxford in Missouri, USA
  • Oxford in Nebraska, USA
  • Oxford in New Jersey, USA
  • Oxford in New York, USA 
  • Oxford in North Carolina, USA


  • Oxford in Ohio, USA
  • Oxford in Pennsylvania, USA
  • Oxford in South Carolina, USA 
  • Oxford in Texas, USA 
  • Oxford in Virgin Islands, USA 
  • Oxford in Virginia, USA 
  • Oxford in West Virginia, USA
  • Oxford in Wisconsin, USA


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