MORE mysterious ‘fairy doors’ have been spotted around Oxford city centre.

A total of six doors have now been recorded, with the latest five popping up in quick succession.

Last month, a tiny door was spotted under the Bridge of Sighs on New College Lane, and last week, another appeared at the entry of Merton Grove, next door to Merton College.

After news of the tiny door on Merton Grove was published in this paper last week, even more residents of Oxford came forward to say that they too had spotted the fairy doors whilst out on their lockdown strolls.

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It is unclear why these doors have been popping up and what they are there for.

The very first tiny door was spotted in the summer of 2019, when a small door mysteriously appeared on Little Clarendon Street.

Oxford University students reported that the door was created by a mystery artist group known as ‘Dinky Doors’.

The Dinky Doors are a group of artists, originally from Cambridge, who create dollhouse-style doors to bring ‘hope’ to passers-by.

The artistic group said it wants to ‘deliver dollops of delight’ to help ‘defend against the daily onslaught of miserable miserableness’.

But the group has not claimed ownership of the fairy doors dotted around Oxford.

The tiny doors spotted so far since the first in 2019 are located at:

•Queen’s Lane

•Little Clarendon Street

•Merton Grove

•South Parks Road

•New College Lane

•Bridge Street

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One resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, said that the small doors may be part of an Alice in Wonderland treasure trail that took place two years ago.

She added that the doors may have been left there once the promotion was over.

Despite even more of the fairy doors being spotted in the last week by residents, no one has been able to provide an explanation as to why these incredibly small doors have been appearing throughout the city.

Do you know why the tiny doors are there?