FOLDABLE bollards to allow access for emergency service access will be installed tomorrow in some Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs).

The move by Oxfordshire County Council, which is trialling the LTN scheme for six-months in Church Cowley, Temple Cowley, and Florence Park, came after claims that an ambulance was delayed in reaching a dying patient due to the newly installed bollards.

South Central Ambulance Service said the LTN ‘played no part’ in the man’s death.

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The council said it always intended to make the barriers foldable.

Tomorrow, the council will begin rolling out more foldable bollards through the LTN areas.

This includes:

•Clive Road

•Temple Road

•Churchill Road

•Beauchamp Lane

•Littlemore Road

Some locations of the LTNs will not have central bollards, but planters only.

This includes Raymers Lane, Littlehay Road, Mayfair Road, and Liddell Road.

In other locations across the LTNs, bus gates will apply with cameras.

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This includes Cornwallis Road and Bartholomew Road.

Last month, cameras have been installed after angry motorists were seen driving on the pavement to get around roadblocks.

A spokesperson for the council said: A spokesman said: “We had always proposed lockable bollards on certain routes.

“The fire service has subsequently asked if we could change all bollards being installed within the carriageway to lockable bollards.

“As part of the ongoing consultation process, we are listening to the emergency services and will make amendments where it is deemed appropriate.”