A TESCO branch has announced it will be closing its doors for 30 weeks, which has led to anger from residents.

The Tesco Metro on Cowley Road is due to close this spring so the shop can be 'reconfigured' and allow 137 student flats can be built above it.

Residents shared their worries about having to travel further afield to shop for essentials, and local MP Anneliese Dodds has also written to the supermarket chain.

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This is what our readers had to say about the closure:

PETER BURR: "Not being funny, but the people moaning about this do you realise there are loads of people outside of Cowley Road that don't have a supermarket on their doorstep, and have to bus, walk or cycle to get their shopping."

MOLLY MINE YACI: "A lot of people don't seem to understand that the various Sainsburys/Co-Ops have a much smaller stock and are way more expensive than Tesco - for a lot of families they simply cannot afford to use these for a weekly shop, especially during a pandemic with job losses etc. And as for bussing to and from the big Tesco, it is a long walk to and from the bus stop with heavy shopping and it is not possible for the elderly/with little kids in tow. And to have a huge amount of extra people on public transport during a pandemic is not good is it. Terrible timing Tesco - why do we need more student housing anyways? There's loads of it, how about more affordable housing for people who actually live here?"

HILLARY JAMES: "There are numerous small local shops nearby and Coop convenience store 500 meters up the road, several large supermarkets a short distance away and plenty of buses in both directions on the road."

MICHELE INGRAM: "Its Cowley Road! Access to everywhere by bus. The road is always clogged up with buses. What are you on?"

KEVIN WILLIAMS: "Really? There's a Sainsbury's 100m away. Do people have nothing better to be angry about? Yes, you may prefer Tescos version of this or that but its only 30 weeks. How is this a 'lifeline lost'?"

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ESTER PAOLOCCI: "Some of us can't afford to have a car in Oxford and don't want to take a bus during a pandemic. So now I'm supposed to cycle a supermarket out of my way carrying back a week's worth of food?"

AMANDA JUNE ADAMS: "Do people not realise Tesco can deliver from online ordering?"

JOHN SLATER: "Must be such an inconvenience to walk 150 yards to Sainsbury's."

JACQUI COLLIER: "Buses to Sainsbury's at Cowley Centre, the Plain, and the town centre (3 stores); to Tesco in town (2 stores), and to the Original Swan from where one can walk to the big Tesco. You can also go to Sainsbury's, literally over the road, and the Co-op at the Divinity Road junction."

ALAN GRIFFIN: "They have a Sainsbury’s like 200 yards away and plenty of independents. I’m sure they will cope for six months."

WILL BAYLISS: "Went past it tonight and the que was past Boots and around the corner. Just shows how many people are using it."

ALEX NICOLAOU: "This is sad. people are a habit forming bunch. It is very convenient going to a shop for years, knowing exactly what to buy and where stuff is. It is an unnecessary point of stress having to get used to a 'new' shop. Also I hope the employees there were relocated and not just let go."

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ALI MEIER: "Simple: move to a house closer to a supermarket."

BRENDA MORRISON: "It is only closing for refurbishment."

LAURA-J HINKS: "Buses will still get through to other supermarkets. It's Cowley Road continuously has buses going up and down that road and if it's closed, they always can use Iffley Road."

MATTY MCGOWAN: "If only there was a shop almost opposite."

BERTIE NEAL: "Just go and do your shopping elsewhere."

DEB MUNGER: "Assuming someone can walk is a very big assumption. What is someone is not able bodied or pregnant? How are they meant to carry heavy goods back?"

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