THE PRIME MINISTER is expected to announce how lockdown will be eased across England today. 

We asked our readers on Facebook what they would like to see relaxed first.

Debra Andrews said: "Being able to see family above all else." 

Sandra Cleary agreed, saying: "Seeing family a priority." 

But others said they are 'desperate' to go shopping again.

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Aimee Clifton: "Sunbed shop, nail salons and primarni I need back in my life." 

Kerry Fielding said: "Clothes shops. I am desperate for clothes and my daughter."

Andy Morris wants to see the pubs open again and Erion Kaci can't wait to go on holiday. 

Others said that they would like to start being able to do sport again. 

Alicia James said: "Bring back outside sports for children, it is so important for their physical and mental health."

Natey Rong said: "Fishing."

Anna Sztamborska-Drewicz added: "Swimming pools." 

David Milloy Scrachan said: "Gyms, my mental health has took a hit without both judo and gym escapes."

But some skeptics said that gyms 'wouldn't be opening anytime soon'. 

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