INDOOR gyms and leisure centres will remain closed closed until April at least under the Government's lockdown exit plan, a minister has revealed.

The Prime Minister will unveil his roadmap out of lockdown to the nation at 7pm today, giving people key dates for reopening of schools and businesses.

The address is set to include details of schools reopening, mixing of households and also when non-essential shops and businesses can open again.

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However, there is no information on when gyms might be able to reopen.

Vaccines Minister Nadhim Zahawi said outdoor sports are due to return on March 29, including organised team sports, but declined to say when people can get back to the gym.

Speaking on LBC this morning, he said: "The simple way to look at this is that outdoor is safer and therefore we prioritise versus indoor.

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"Outdoor sports - tennis, golf, outdoor organised team sports, grassroots football - will go back on March 29.

"Outdoors is the priority because it's where the transmission rates are much, much, much lower."

Owners of some of the biggest fitness groups in England have been calling on the Government to give them a date for reopening.

Humphrey Cobbold, CEO of PureGym, said: "We ask the Government to heed the wishes of people – millions of normal people across the whole country - who have been denied access to gym and fitness facilities over the last year and grant them that right as soon as safely possible in the reopening period.

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"This would be a positive, progressive step and a statement of intent that this Government is committed to building a healthier and better Britain after the pandemic.

"And it is a step that can be taken based on data from the periods when gyms were open after the first lockdown which demonstrate that gyms do not represent a material risk to the infection rate."