WE reported last week that The Lamb & Flag, one of Oxford’s most historic pubs, is to close following tough trading conditions caused by coronavirus lockdowns.

The pub in St Giles, popular with students and real ale drinkers has existed since 1566, and switched to its current site in 1613.

The Lamb & Flag (Oxford) Limited, a company owned by St John’s College, which operates the pub, announced that ‘after careful consideration, the company will close and cease operations on January 31'.

Here's what our readers think about the closure:

RICH SALE: "Another part of Oxford's fine history/decent pub disappearing into abyss."

ROBERTO LOSITO: "Such a shame."

ANDY PRATLEY: "No. This is an iconic Oxford pub, a Landmark. So many great times, meeting point, Saturday nights, then into town."

ADAM HINDE: "Even I’ve had a few good nights there. Outraged."

DARREN GREENIDGE: "It needs to be saved. It's too iconic to be something else other than a pub, and cultural vandalism to be anything but.

"I've had many a lost afternoon and evening in there. So sad. I'm sure the college can keep it going, as, fingers crossed, pubs will be opening by May? It's not forever, whereas closing it will be."

ROGER HISCOCK: "Another one bites the dust."

PAULA SKINNER: "First pub in Oxford I ever drank in."

DEBBIE BARR: "My first introduction to the culture of glorious Oxford and site of many happy hours spent with friends."

TONY BENNELL: "St John’s is the richest college in Oxford. They own properties and estates around Oxfordshire and elsewhere, even part of Southampton Docks.

"The pub is a mere drop in the ocean for them and it’s just another piece of Oxford’s heritage that will be lost forever."

JACOB WEDDELL: "It's despicable, pubs like this serve the whole community in Oxford, it's a disgrace that they don't save it."

DAVID SHORT: "A very historic pub and one of Oxford's finest. Such a shame."

MICHELLE SIMONNE WELLS: "Thanks for some awesome memories, this was a staple in my life of the Oxford scene. As a student first and then my hubby introduced me. Very sad news."

GITA BHANVRA: "This is so sad. Surely there must be someway to get a reprieve."

PAULINE OLIVER: "This was my late husband’s local when he lived in Museum Road before we were married. Sad news to hear it’s closing."

NICHOLA HALL: "My grandmother Joyce Howe ran the pub many years ago and had such good memories there. All very sad."

STEVE PATTERSON: "Shocking the number of pubs that have gone in the last 30 years."

DAVID WOOD: "Had good times and quality beers there."

TONO BINDER: "No. Are you serious? Don't close it."

ALASDAIR DE VOIL: "This is very disappointing news. Many folks used this pub for social group meetings and it was good value for its location.

"Although it is less famous than the Bird & Babe (Eagle and Child), the Lamb & Flag was also a popular pub for meetings of the Inklings writers.

"We are at risk of losing a significant cultural heritage link to Oxford, if the college also gets rid of the Bird & Babe too. Let's hope they are not so foolhardy to close both."

AL LOWE: "This is intensely selfish of St John's, in not considering the good of others. Many pubs have been lost due to the pandemic, but there is a future and it's not like the college is short of a bob or two, to ride out the storm is it. Cheers."

MARK E MOON: "Sad news, lovely pub."

THOMAS HENRY: "Always found the staff friendly, the beer great, and the vibe good. My favourite city centre pub."