A YARNTON woman is attempting to raise £10,000 to cover her dentist bill.

Christie Cope, who is from South Africa and moved to Yarnton in December, started a Go Fund Me page on Monday to raise money for an emergency tooth extraction and dental implants for three upper molar teeth.

While Ms Cope is still waiting for an official quote from the dentist surgery, the £10,000 was the initial estimate she was given.

She intends to have these treatments by March as the infection under her teeth is now leaking into her mouth.

According to Ms Cope, this means there is a risk of having it spread into the rest of her body. 

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Speaking about how she will pay the pile of cash back, she said: "I am not asking for a handout. 

"Once I have had my treatment, I will be paying every single pound that I raise forward by donating £120 pounds from my salary every month to a charity chosen by those who donate, until it is all paid forward."

Ms Cope revealed she was misdiagnosed in December, which allowed an infection under her teeth to spread, making it 'impossible' to save the three teeth. 

She explained: "This is why they have to be extracted. 

"I need to have them replaced with dental implants in order to keep my client-facing job. 

"Losing teeth doesn't just affect eating ability and smile, but also the structure of your face. 

"Having them replaced will help me keep my job and also allow me to hold on to a bit of dignity."

To donate to Ms Cope's fundraiser, click here.

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