A WOMAN who witnessed an arrest in Oxford city centre is 'angry' at the way police officers handled the situation.

Debbie Hicks saw police put 55-year-old Joseph Challis, of no fixed abode, in handcuffs on Friday before pinning him to the ground near Carfax Tower.

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She filmed the incident, which happened at around 1.15pm, and was worried that the man needed medical attention.

Ms Hicks said in the video: "Absolutely disgusting what they’ve done to that man. I came up and I was really concerned because they were pinning him to the floor. I said ‘What’s he done wrong?’ and they wouldn’t tell me.

"Then when they turned him upside down, they held him for about ten minutes. I said 'you need to get him to hospital now' and they were just holding him down."

In footage seen by the Oxford Mail the police officer then called for an ambulance.

Ms Hicks said: "If they were trained properly, they should know immediately that if someone needs medical help, you take them to hospital.

"I’m shaking with anger at the way they treated that man, I really am angry.”

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Mr Challis was eventually attended to by a paramedic and he was arrested on suspicion of being drunk and disorderly and assaulting an emergency worker.

He was charged with one count of common assault of an emergency worker and was remanded in custody to appear at Oxford Magistrates’ Court today.

Thames Valley Police said: “The footage we are aware of shows officers following the standard procedure used when an individual is resisting arrest in order to ensure the safety of the public and emergency workers.

“The man was examined by an ambulance crew and no medical concerns were identified."