DOOR knockers will not be heading out to make sure people are signed up to vote in Oxford's local elections next year.

The canvass to make sure Oxford residents are signed up to vote has been put on hold until spring 2021 because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Canvassers may then head out, if the public health situation is better, but as it stands, other methods will likely be used due to the 'deteriorating' situation across England.

Oxford City Council was due to hold elections in 2020, but this was put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic.

They are due to take place in May 2021 instead.

To make sure as many people are registered to vote as possible, council election officials would usually carry out house to house visits.

But as many of the canvassers are in at-risk age groups, and some residents answering the door may have Covid, the doo-to-door visits have been postponed by the city council.