The Sheriff of Oxford was put through his paces on BBC's Mastermind last night.

Steve Goddard, city councillor for Wolvercote and a lecturer in French at Oxford University, appeared on the third episode of the long-running quiz show's latest series.

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Going up against three other contestants, including a former student, he battled it out and emerged the winner of the episode. 

thisisoxfordshire: Steve Goddard answers questions. Screenshot from BBCSteve Goddard answers questions. Screenshot from BBC

Presenter John Humphrys first asked him questions about his specialist subject, cult British sci-fi show Blake's 7.

He got eight right, with no passes, but it left him in last place.

Mr Goddard, who came to Oxford in 1987 and lives in Wolvercote with his wife and two children, next answered general knowledge questions.

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He was quizzed on everything from Pixar to politics and brought his score up to 20, again with no passes.

It was this that gave him the edge over his nearest rival, who also scored 20 but with two passes.

thisisoxfordshire: Steve Goddard after he realised he had won the episode. Screenshot from BBC Steve Goddard after he realised he had won the episode. Screenshot from BBC

Speaking at the end of the show he it was 'really quite a shock' to win, saying: "I honestly didn't know that I'd won until right at the very end when John announced the result.

"It was such a close run thing. Really good fun."

He added he thought the other contenders were 'absolutely brilliant'.

On choosing as his specialist subject Blake 7, a show which ran from 1978, he said: "It's a bit niche, it's a bit of a cult, but it's such a fond memory from my childhood.

"I thought it would be fun to revisit it, rewatch the series and what it was that I'd liked about it."

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One of those he competed against on the show was Poppy McKenzie Smith, whose specialist subject was Blackadder.

It was not until they arrived that they realised they already knew each other.

Mr Goddard said: "Not so long ago I was teaching her French at university and it was quite a surprise when we saw each other earlier today and realised we were in the same programme."

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He encouraged anyone thinking of applying for the show to 'go for it' and said it's 'such a buzz' if 'a little bit scary'.

He will now go on to compete in the semi-final for a chance to win the series, which airs on BBC Two at 7.30pm Tuesday.