These were some of the people who kept our telephones in working order and delivered our post on time.

But they were also experts at first aid – they had received St John Ambulance certificates to prove they could provide help for sick and injured colleagues.

What’s more, they were displaying a magnificent award – the Anderson Trophy, for making such rapid progress in the treatment they could offer.

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The picture was taken in 1974 when certificates were presented by Peter Buck, general manager of the Oxford Telephone Area, on the extreme right.

Those pictured with him were among 45 Post Office workers, including some apprentices, who had reached the top grade.

Mr Buck said the Post Office, which at the time covered postal and telephone workers, was keen to encourage first aid training.

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He was pleased that apprentices had been included in first aid courses for the first time, and congratulated staff on entering a team in Post Office Eastern Region competitions.

The Anderson Trophy had been won by the Oxford branch after it was judged to have made the best progress in the whole of the UK. Staff receiving certificates for the first time were Mrs M Roderick, Miss A Butler, Mr R Hinchen and five apprentices, Mr L Borucki, Mr B Newman, Mr S Steventon, Mr J Clapp and Mr J Ryder. Certificates were also presented to three staff who had provided first aid for 10 years, to six staff who had helped for five years and 27 who had taken refresher courses.

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Mr Buck said: “First aid is very important for engineers, drivers and all staff.”