A transport lobbyist has condemned the county council's decision to delay the introduction of new bus gates in Oxford.

Hazel Dawe said transport bosses were "dithering" after the proposal was shelved.

Council leaders had planned to introduce new bus only lanes in the city centre including one in the Worcester Street area but these have now been put on hold after some residents said they were not in favour of the scheme.

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There has been a bus gate operating in the High Street for more than a decade.


Hazel Dawe

It is camera enforced and ordinary traffic can not use the route during the day. If drivers do use it during the prohibited period they face a fine.

Hazel Dawe, of Cowley Area Transport Group, accused the county council of "dithering".

In a letter to the Oxford Mail she said: "I have to respectfully disagree with the Oxfordshire County Council Cabinet regarding the bus gates in Oxford. They claim now is the wrong time for bus gates.

"Now is exactly the right time for traffic reduction measures of any kind. Oxford’s roads are clogged with traffic levels greater than pre-Covid creating a dangerous situation. We need urgent action to reduce traffic, not even more prevarication.

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"The bus gates were backed by a majority of respondents to the council’s consultation, 50%. Only  42% were opposed. Why then did the cabinet back down? Connecting Oxford with more bus gates has already been consulted on. Connecting Oxford Plus, an expanded plan, has the backing of many Oxford residents and is the result of a lot of hard work by volunteers.

"The problem will be made even worse by the tens of thousands of homes planned for Oxford’s Green Belt and nearby areas increasing car numbers and therefore traffic in Oxford. The County Council needs to promptly reduce traffic coming into Oxford, encouraging walking, cycling, bus, rail and deliveries when appropriate.


The High Street bus gate

Please could the county stop dithering and finally take real action on traffic reduction."