As a Rhodes scholar at Oxford University, Bill Clinton’s links with Oxford date back to the 1960s but he has returned to the city on a number of occasions.

He was his wife Hillary Clinton to see their daughter Chelsea graduate in 2014.

The former first daughter was joined by her husband and famous parents as she collected her diploma.


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She began her doctorate degree programme in 2011 and completed most of the coursework from New York.


Chelsea Clinton

Then in 2018 former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton gave a speech in Oxford, continuing a more than 120-year-old tradition.


Bill Clinton meets a young fan in Oxford

The losing candidate in the 2016 United States election spoke at Oxford University’s Romanes Lecture.

And Michelle Obama gave a talk at Christ Church in 2011.

She spent just over an hour at Oxford University, hoping to inspire those from less privileged backgrounds to aim high.

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Christ Church quad was bathed in sunshine as Mrs Obama’s eight-strong motorcade swept in shortly after 2pm.


Michelle Obama

She was at the college to inspire students from north London’s Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Language College – named after England first female doctor – to achieve their potential.

And she called on them to help spread the message.

The college itself was under a full security lockdown, orchestrated by the White House, that included armed patrols, rooftop sentries and a massive police presence in the streets surrounding Christ Church.

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Mrs Obama gave her speech in the dining hall, a place that is no stranger to inspirational pep talks – it served as Hogwarts’ great hall in the Harry Potter films – and with a “how ya’ll doin?”, she immediately put the 35 teenagers at ease.


Mrs Obama then took questions from the girls, after which thoughts turned to her first meeting with husband Barack.

Asked if she knew he would be President the moment they met, she said she knew he was special.

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She added: “Couple that with talent and he’s cute. I always thought he would be useful but I had know idea he would be President.”

Asked about life as the First Lady, she said: “Yesterday I slept at Buckingham Palace and Friday I’ll return home and go to soccer. It ranges from the mundane to the ‘my God, who could have dreamt this?’.”

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