RESIDENTS of Oxford will be asked for their opinions on a plan which sets out ambitions to clean up the city's air.

Oxford City Council has set a higher target for air quality in its drafted Air Quality Action Plan than the legal one required by the Government.

While the government asks all councils to bring down the amount of harmful nitrogen oxides to 40 micrograms per meter-cubed in the areas, Oxford wants to impose a limit of 30 micrograms instead, to be met by 2025.

Nitrogen Oxides are harmful gases emitted by cars and buses which burn fossil fuels.

In light of the lockdown, which saw air quality across the city improve as people abandoned their cars, the council wants to find ways to make the change permanent.

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The council wants to encourage the uptake of low or zero carbon vehicles - including new electric buses, encourage people to use bikes or walk where they can, and reduce emissions from heating.

Before the Air Quality Action Plan can be adopted, it needs to be reviewed by residents of the city for their opinions.

At a meeting on Wednesday, the council's cabinet, its most senior councillors, signed off the draft plan for consultation.

The consultation has not yet been launched, but will be available at when it does.

According to the World Health Organisation, 4.2 million people die each year worldwide because of exposure to poor quality outdoor air.