A MAN caught with dozens of wraps of class A drugs will face a judge's trial to decide if he was selling as a 'commercial' dealer or not.

Marcus Charlett had already pleaded guilty at Oxford Crown Court in April to two counts of possession with intent to supply class A drugs.

The 62-year-old of Bullingdon Road, Oxford, was caught with wraps of heroin as well as crack cocaine at his home address.

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That drugs find took place on March 9 this year.

He was set to be sentenced for those crimes at the same court today.

However, presiding Judge Peter Ross said that a Newton hearing - to determine the factual basis of his plea of guilty - should be held before the final sentencing hearing.

A Newton hearing, sometimes called a trial of issue, is held after a defendant pleads guilty to an offence, but the factual circumstances need to be agreed before sentencing.

The hearing is not held before a jury and instead a judge will determine the issue after all of the evidence is presented.

Judge Ross said that the amount of drugs that was found was 'not material to the issue of sentence' but that Charlett's role in the supply was.

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The judge said it was a case of either supplying drugs to a small group of other drug users or him operating a 'commercial' enterprise.

The court heard this may or may not have involved Charlett using an accomplice to bring drug users to the flat to purchase drugs.

Judge Ross said: "The central issue is what is his role, which is central to the sentencing exercise."

The case was adjourned so that a date for a Newton hearing could be fixed.

That hearing - the date of which is to be confirmed - will take place at the same court and is expected to last half a day.

Charlett was remanded in custody.