An outdoor pool in Oxford will not open tomorrow as planned due to the discovery of a 'significant' water leak.

Oxford City Council has announced this afternoon Hinksey Pool 'regretfully' it will have to keep it shut while it works with leisure provider, Fusion Lifestyle, to have the leak assessed and repaired.

The leak, of around 35 litres per minute, was discovered once the outdoor pool had been filled with water.

It is located in underground pipework encased in concrete and so it is not yet possible to assess the scale of repair required.

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The authority said while work will be carried out as quickly as possible, this meant it was not yet able to say when the pool will be able to be used again.

The reopening of Ferry Leisure Centre pool is being brought forward to provide a swimming facility within the city in the meantime.

Ferry Leisure Centre's gym reopened on Monday, with the pool remaining closed until further notice.

Now work will start immediately to reopen the Ferry pool, which will involve full hygiene and safety measures being put in place.

It is expected the pool should be available for public use within the next two weeks.

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Councillor Linda Smith, Cabinet Member for Leisure and Parks, said: "I know just how disappointing this news will be to keen swimmers and families hoping to cool off in the current heatwave.

"Unfortunately, the need for essential emergency repairs has been forced on us at the worst possible time, just as the facility was being prepared for reopening."

She added: "We have instructed Fusion Lifestyle to get Ferry pool open as quickly as possible so that Oxford's swimmers will be able to get back in the water.

"We will also work flat out to bring Hinksey pool back into service as soon as that is possible."