Restaurant Kits, a new e-commerce site delivering signature dish and drink kits from the UK’s most loved independent restaurants, includes Oxford-based Pizza Pilgrims.

The platform is the brainchild of Scottish restaurateurs, and Mac & Wild co-founders, Andy Waugh and Calum Mackinnon along with Edward Alun-Jones, the hospitality technology entrepreneur behind Top City Bites and Orderu, the digital ordering system.

The founding trio have been joined by a team from the restaurant and wider food and drink industry.

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Each founding member of Restaurant Kits is dedicated to making sure that the new ‘at home’ DIY restaurant kit category not only works for the consumer, but as a financially and operationally stable new opportunity for restaurants.

James Elliot, co-founder of Pizza Pilgrims, said: “Our ‘Pizza in the Post’ kit started off as an idea to help us get through this tricky time. It’s been a huge success, more so than we could have anticipated, and now we are really excited about developing the product further and to making it a bigger part of our business.

“We’re excited to come on board with Restaurant Kits to help us get more pizza out to people at home whilst we focus on feeding people who are able to get into our restaurants!”

Pizza Pilgrims opened at the Westgate Centre in 2017.


It was founded by brothers Thom and James Elliot, who went to boarding school Radley College, the pizzeria first opened in London.

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Using the opportunity of the new Westgate Shopping Centre opening, the brothers decided to come back to Oxford and open an eatery on their old stomping ground.

Thom said at the time: “This is the biggest project we’ve undertaken outside of London”.

The name was chosen after the brothers realised they knew little about pizza and so decided to make a six-week ‘pilgrimage’ to Italy.

The Restaurant Kits’ team is dedicated to making ‘best in class’ cuisine, once largely only available in the UKs food hubs, accessible to all in a wonderfully new, fun and interactive way.

Delivering the length and of the UK and with home ‘eat-ertainment’ on the rise, Restaurant Kits offers the essential order for those looking to further expand their culinary creativity and enjoy extraordinary dining experiences from the comfort and safety of their own homes.

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Established during the Covid-19 pandemic, all founding members were united in their desire to help, guide and define the DIY restaurant kit space in the most advantageous way for both the consumer and the hospitality industry.

Pleasantly surprised by warm and supportive reception their respective ‘Kits’ received upon launch, the driving objective of the founding team was to centralise the currently fragmented kit sector to support the hospitality industries’ post Covid-19 survival plans, whilst best serving the UK-based restaurant loving community that had shown such vital support to their brands during lockdown.

Working together, and taking guidance from customers, the Restaurant Kits’ team have built a sustainable platform whilst helping to define a new submarket of the modern food and drink industry.


When joining Restaurant Kits, each restaurant or chef is able to choose the option that best suits their operations and future plans. Both listing options allow the restaurant visibility on the platform. With the listing comes promotion via Restaurant Kits social media channels and growing newsletter database, helping brands reach potential customers across the country rather than them having to rely solely upon their own channels and community.


Thom and James Elliot of Pizza Pilgrims

Ed Alun-Jones said: “We’ve worked hard to put a hospitality platform and software system in place to help restaurants reopen during and in the aftermath of Covid-19. We’re offering the restaurants the option to manage the Restaurant Kits service themselves or hand everything over for our internal team to handle. We have the infrastructure and scale to handle every element of kit development and fulfilment for the restaurateur if needed – we find for many this is a very attractive solution as they re-focus on opening their sites and need the real estate to serve traditional customers.”

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Alongside Restaurant Kits food offering is a drinks list includes the Infinity Bottle, a whisky blending kit which has been created in collaboration with Mac & Wild and Haig Club.