OXFORD welcomed an international cat competition in June 2013.

More than 200 felines took part in the International Cat Association-affiliated event, which was held at Blackbird Leys Leisure Centre.

Organiser Jeannine Parfitt said at the time: “It is something I have been interested in for a few years and as time went on I thought it would be great to put on a cat show in Oxford.

“It is quite a competitive hobby. People come from all around the world to compete their cats against each other.”

Jane Allen, one of the six judges, said: “What makes a good cat is a huge combination of things. Each has a breed standard and it would have to be a cat which almost perfectly fits that standard.”

Among the many exotic breeds taking part were a Kurilian Bobtail, Ragdoll, Toyger, Cymric, Nebalung, Norwegian Forest and Korat.

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