FIVE flats are set to be built on a residential street in Headington.

Oxford City Council approved an application for the three-storey building at 20 Osler Road yesterday.

The plans see the existing house and garage replaced by one three-bedroom flat, two two-beds and two one-bed flats.

The complex will not be taller than the current house and 'has been designed to respect the outlook and privacy of all surrounding houses and their respective private gardens', according to the applicant.

On-site parking is not included in the plans, but there will be bicycle storage in the back garden.

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It comes after an application for six flats was withdrawn last year, with several aspects changed for the new proposals.

Parking was originally intended for the front of the site, but this was removed to create a 'car free development'.

Other concerns included a roof design that was uncharacteristic with others in the area and the new building being too close to 22 Osler Road.

However, the roof pitch is less steep and the proposed building has been moved away from the adjacent building under the new plans.