A Hospital worker has vowed not to return to Tesco claiming there is a lack staff managing shoppers and concerns about a 'shocking' amount of people not using hand santiser as well as failing to keep social distancing.

The woman, who did not want to be named, said she visited the Cowley retail park superstore at about 2.30pm yesterday.

She said: "On arrival there was no one member of staff at the main entrance, so everyone was just going straight in.

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"I stopped to use the hand gel and sanitiser for the trolley, I witnessed a shocking amount of people walk in without so much as use the hand gel.

"The shop was so busy, barely anyone following the one-way system."

The supermarket chain has now responded to say numbers in the store were monitored by a security guard and the number of people inside the Oxford superstore on Monday afternoon was always within the recommended guidance.

The woman also said when she asked at the checkout 'what was going on' the member  said they were short staffed.

She added: "I was in such a rush and only needed a few items, otherwise I’d of shopped elsewhere.

"I’m certainly not intending to shop in Tesco again. I work in a hospital and have worked the whole of Covid."

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A Tesco spokesperson said: “We’re sorry to hear of this customer’s concerns and can reassure her that the number of people inside Oxford superstore on Monday afternoon was always within the recommended guidance.

"Our security guard at the door monitors customer numbers throughout the day using a hand-held counter.

"We always encourage all customers in the store to follow the social distancing measures, including the one way system, and we have four hand sanitising stations throughout the store.”