WE take this opportunity to remind our readers what their county council actually does for them.

It looks after and maintains all your roads; it oversees education across the whole county, including holding schools to account; it oversees all healthcare and runs a lot of social care; it runs museums and libraries; it runs family centres, waste and recycling centres and it is the authority in charge of registering births, marriages and deaths.

As we have said before, your guess is as good as ours as to which of these services might be the first to suffer under post-Covid cuts.

Now, the council leader himself has said all options are on the table.

Mr Hudspeth and his cabinet are not to blame for this horrible situation, and they have been working flat out to keep services running during this pandemic as well as running some new services.

However, as your elected officials, it is you who must hold them to account for how they now decide to deal with the problem.

Some of you will think we can do without libraries, others will think we could spend less on roads. If you want to save a service, tell your county councillor.