Oxford photographers and models are helping Pride take to the streets this summer with a thousand digital billboards across the UK.

New grassroots campaign Pride Inside will see queer people take over digital outdoor screens with images of what Pride means to them.

1,000 digital billboards have been donated by media and infrastructure company Clear Channel. Since Monday these billboards have been covered in photographs to celebrate Pride.

The not-for-profit campaign was pulled together in less than a month after Pride events across the country were cancelled due to Covid-19.

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The campaign aims to represent the full spectrum of the diverse LGBTQ+ community, with more than 120 queer contributors and photographers.

Many of the photographers are from Oxford including Joseph Esapa. He teamed up with an Oxfordshire model to create images in public spaces and his snap of ‘Harry’ in Oxford has made it to one of the UKs digital screens.

Pride Inside hopes the campaign will inspire other queer people across the UK to carry on the Pride celebrations at home and create their own images, posting them online under the #PrideInsideUK hashtag.