FIREFIGHTERS were called to a huge out-of-control garden fire which threatened to spread to neighbouring properties.

The blaze quickly grew quickly in the garden of a home in Jackson Road, Sunnymead, north Oxford, on Saturday evening, with flames visible from neighbouring homes and thick plumes of smoke covering the area.

The occupant was seen frantically beating the flames in an attempt to prevent it spreading, and succeeded in bringing it under control.

Alarmed neighbours raised the alarm and a fire crew arrived to help extinguish the fire and ensure the scene was safe.

One neighbour, who asked to remain anonymous, said: "It was pretty scary. The fire was burning fiercely but relatively small at first. Then it shot up and threatened to engulf his shed and those around it in other gardens. I was worried in case there were gas cylinders or fuel in there.

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"He did a good job bringing it under control before the fire brigade turned up, but it could so easily have ended differently."

The blaze was one of many by firefighters in the county over the weekend, with calls to a crash and exploding pylon among calls.