A WOMAN who claims she was repeatedly raped by a man as a child pulled a knife on her abuser at the end of her ordeal, a court heard.

The alleged victim - who cannot be named for legal reasons - claims she was sexually abused numerous times over a period of nearly ten years in the city.

After the series of alleged rapes and sexual assaults she pointed a knife at the man, she claims, before pushing him out of the house, and later reporting what happened to a partner.

Restito Quiatchon denies a string of offences alleging rape and sexual assault.

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The 57-year-old of Spenlove Close, Abingdon, is charged with nine counts - made up of four counts of rape, three sexual assaults, assault of a child by penetration and sexual activity with a child.

The offences are all alleged to have taken place in Oxford over nearly a decade, beginning in the mid-2000s, and involved one child.

Outlining the case at the start of the trial at Oxford Crown Court yesterday prosecutor Stephen Shay said the abuse included inappropriate touching over and under clothing as well as repeated rapes.

He said the abuse ended after an incident at an address in Oxford where Quiatchon began to touch her inappropriately.

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After that, the jury heard, she 'pushed him away and ran to the kitchen to grab a knife' before he eventually left.

Mr Shay told jurors the abuse was later reported to the woman's boyfriend and the police were contacted.

The alleged victim - who is now a woman - went on to recount what she claims happened to her to police at an interview held in Cowley police station.

During that interview, which was played to the jury, she told officers she was raped 'more than 10 times.'

She said: "He would start to sexually abuse me. I would just push him away because he is really strong.

"I felt really scared because I didn't know what to do afterwards, and that happened more than 10 times."

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Recalling the final incident where she claims to have reached for a knife she told police: "I told him to go away and I was obviously scared.

"[It was] the only thing I could think of doing because I didn't want him to do the stuff, I was scared, and I got a knife.

"I tried to point it at him, he was like 'oh just kill me then if you want to' but I obviously didn't.

"I pushed him out the house."

Mr Shay, prosecuting, told jurors that the case against Quiatchon and the alleged victim's account was also supported by his behaviour when she saw him on other occasions.

He told the court that Quiatchon acted 'extremely rudely' towards her and said he acted 'more like that of a jealous lover' with the child who was many years younger than him.

Prosecutors also said that diary entries the girl made at the time showed her 'unhappiness', despite not detailing the alleged abuse.

When Quiatchon was quizzed by police about the allegations, the jury heard, he provided a statement to officers in which he denied any sexual abuse before declining to answer questions.

Quiatchon denies all the counts he faces and the trial - expected to last at least one week - continues.