FOLLOWING threats of legal action, Oxford Brookes has revealed the university will rearrange a talk by an artist formerly branded as ‘transphobic’.

Rachel Ara threatening to sue the university after it ‘postponed’ her guest lecture last year, when students from the LGBTQ society accused her of holding anti-trans opinions.

They said: “Rachel Ara is a trans exclusionary radical feminist (TERF) who frequently shares transphobic discourse on her social media.

While Oxford Brookes did cancel the event on the day that students complained, the university always stated the lecture was ‘postponed’ not ‘cancelled’.

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On her Crowd Justice campaign Ms Ara announced: "Justice has been upheld.

" Following our legal representation to Oxford Brookes, they have now officially acknowledged their public duty to uphold academic freedom and re-extended the invitation for me to speak."

The artist also confirmed she no longer intends to pursue a judicial review against the university.

A spokesperson for Oxford Brookes said: “We have always maintained that Oxford Brookes is an open environment where academic freedom and freedom of speech are fundamental to our functioning.

"We have repeatedly made clear that the University took the decision to postpone an event which had not been booked through the usual process for confirming external speakers."

The university, however, was not able to provide a specific date for when Ms Ara's talk will be rearranged.