BROTHERS from Oxford helped to carry a tribe's 'Olympic' torch during the trip of a lifetime.

The first ever Zeme Olympics have been staged by the Zeme Naga people in Nagaland, India.

Seth and Lukas Kahn, aged 10 and seven, travelled from Risinghurst to the opening ceremony last month after being invited to take part.

Their mum Alison Kahn, anthropologist and director of the Oxford Documentary Film Institute, was asked along on a filmmaking expedition to document the inaugural games.

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She said: "It was an epic journey into one of the most remote and inaccessible parts of the world.

"We were well looked after and it was an amazing experience.

"The kids had a brilliant time and we have learnt so much."

The boys helped to light the torch at the ceremony and tribe members joined them in full traditional dress.

Dr Kahn discovered old film rolls from the 1930s and 40s in the archive of Oxford's Pitt Rivers Museum, about Nagaland.

The Zeme people, aware of her work in bringing the old footage to light, approached her to attend and film their Olympic-style games.

Games included Western sports such as athletics and volleyball, as well as some indigenous sports.

People from more than 210 villages took part.