A DAREDEVIL jailed for scaling the Shard said his stint in prison has not deterred him from more climbing stunts.

Free climber George King-Thompson, from Oxford, breached a High Court injunction in July by climbing up the iconic London landmark.

The 20-year-old was sentenced in October to six months in a young offenders' institution, after he admitted being in contempt of court.

He ended up serving 12 weeks at men's prison HMP Pentonville in London.

He was released on Friday and appeared on national television this morning to discuss his experience.

During an interview on ITV's Good Morning Britain, with his parents Clive and Hilary King-Thompson alongside him, he said: "I've had a lot of time in jail to plan what I've got to do next, I'll never let an adversity extinguish my spirit.

"I've projects ranging from BASE jumping, skydiving to climbing."

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He said prison was 'tough' and there were stabbings inside and an infestation of rats and cockroaches, but that jail was 'worth every second' as he had fulfilled his dream of climbing the Shard.

He did not rule out breaching another court injunction if he 'connected emotionally' with the project.

Presenter Piers Morgan said Mr King-Thompson was 'what makes this country great', adding: "You're a bit of a nutcase but it's an extraordinary feat and endeavour and we used to celebrate stuff like that."

His mum said: "It's terrifying but I trust George I know he plans so well for his climbs.

"I'm incredibly proud of him."

His father added: "I'd rather he didn't do it but he's over 18, he's his own man.

"He's not a criminal, it was a civil action.

"We can't stop him."

Mr King-Thompson said he had started writing a book about the climb, which he plans to release later this year.