CHANGES will be brought in today to toughen behaviour rules at an Oxford secondary school.

Following turbulence at The Oxford Academy in Littlemore, which saw the headteacher and governors leave last month, a new behaviour policy will be introduced.

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Writing in a letter to parents on Friday, the school's new interim head David Terry said: "These changes are necessary to help support all of our students with their learning and to help ensure that teachers can teach their lessons without disruption.

"In my experience of leadership in a variety of schools over the years, it is important that we all emphasise to students our core values backed up by a very firm emphasis on simple but crucial self-discipline."

Disruptive students will get an initial warning and then a second and third if they persist, with any further disruption resulting in detention.

Detention will last between 30 minutes and two hours.

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Mr Terry said the school will also have 'zero-tolerance' for pupils who fail to turn up to class for no good reason.

He wrote: "Students who truant lessons or refuse to attend their timetabled lesson will be placed in isolation for one day."

He told parents that hoodies, mobiles and earphones are all banned in school, and anyone who refuses to put them out of sight will also get a day in isolation.

Mr Terry thanked the school community for the 'warm welcome' he had received since joining last week and said it it is 'a genuine privilege to be the headteacher'.

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He wrote: "The next two terms in the life of everyone at The Oxford Academy are very important, and I am committed to supporting you in achieving the very best we can.

"I am equally aware of the challenges the academy faces in realising its vision of aspiration, achievement and progress for all.

"In the short time I have been here, I have encountered many highly impressive young people, who, it is clear, can thrive further if we all work together in a partnership focused on a clear understanding that our students can and must succeed.

"I am very proud of the young people I have met already and I look forward to playing a part in their success this year."

The school was inspected by Ofsted last month and a report, which is expected to raise some concerns, is due to be released in the next few weeks.