Geeks will unite from across Oxford for a roleplaying convention and the opportunity to hold medieval weapons, play boardgames and paint miniatures.

Tales from Dreaming Spires is a new non-profit roleplaying event taking place at East Oxford Community Centre featuring games and roleplay based on sci-fi, fantasy and horror.

Stephen Dowling, event organiser, said: “Roleplaying conventions aren’t anything new, but Oxford didn’t really have one, so it is great to get everyone together just for the love of it.”

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He added: “I want to see what really works for people, there’s nothing on sale here for people it’s just by the players for the players. I want to get people involved in it, it’s not just for a bunch of white middle-aged geeks, we just want people to enjoy it.”

Neil Eddiford is a historical interpreter who will be attending the event, he teaches in schools and is part of a medieval display group.

Mr Eddiford will be at the event to give people the chance to hold medieval weapons and equipment.

Mr Dowling said: “There are no sharp weapons and people will be able to handle them, but not swing them around.”

There will also be a ‘games master’s workshop’ with Bernard Galewski who will be running several sessions throughout the day, sharing tips and advice on running games including some practical sessions.

A miniature painting demo workshop will be held to show people how to paint figurines.

The day will be full of different role-playing games to get involved in.

The role play games include old school Dungeons and Dragons, medieval kingdoms, mystery and horror and a sci-fi themed role play.

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Mr Dowling said: “In Oxford there is quite a big community because of the universities, and it seems a bit of a nerdy or geeky thing, which used to be an insult and now I think it is a complement. It’s incredibly inclusive we have all walks of life of gamers.”

There are only 120 tickets available for the event and all the profits will be donated to the Homeless Oxfordshire charity.

Mr Dowling already has plans for the next roleplaying events.

Mr Dowling said: “I’m already thinking ahead for Halloween and I want to do something like tales from screaming spires and get people to dress up and get the cosplay communities involved.”

The event is on Saturday from 9.30am-10pm, buy tickets at