DANCERS raised $5,000 Australian dollars to help tackle the bush fires.

The Mini Professionals Dance Academy held a 'danceathon' at the Cherwell School in Oxford yesterday, with back-to-back dance classes.

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Principal of the dance school, Bethany Gorton, grew up in Australia and decided to raise the money for the Australian Red Cross.

She said: “It was really successful, a couple of hundred kids came and it was really emotional, people donated notes.

"Parents held a successful cake stall which was raised nearly £200, people were donating £10 just for a cookie.

"It was so overwhelming with everybody’s kindness and generosity."

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Students, parents and people not part of the academy took part and danced.

The bush fires in Australia have destroyed huge swathes of habitats and homes, following record-breaking temperatures and months of severe drought.

Earlier today, its Prime Minister Scott Morrison admitted there were 'things I could have handled much better' after he was criticised for his response.