A DRIVER who prosecutors claim injured two teenagers because of his 'dangerous driving' told jurors he was 'sorry' for the crash.

From the witness box at Oxford Crown Court today Andrew Bradley claimed that he was not speeding and denied 'showing off' in his Ford Focus ST.

The 28-year-old of Kingfishers, Grove, denies two counts which allege that he caused serious injury to two passengers – Zachariah Gordon and Courtney Howe – by dangerous driving.

Prosecutors maintain that Bradley’s driving seriously injured two teenagers, leaving one in a wheelchair after the crash in the early hours of Sunday, October 28, 2018 on the B4507 at Westcot, near Uffington.

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As his trial continued today the defence case began and Bradley went to the witness box to give his version of events.

He told jurors that he was a 'car enthusiast' and owned a number of collectors vehicles.

Bradley said that on the night before the crash his then-girlfriend had been sat in the front passenger seat before he picked up two others - Mr Gordon and Miss Howe - who sat in the back.

Earlier in the trial it was claimed that he then drove 'very fast' not long after. Yesterday, he denied the allegation, saying 'that is not true.'

He went on to deny later driving at up to 130 mph on one stretch of road but admitted travelling at 100 mph while on a dual carriageway of the A420.

Explaining why he told jurors: "[The] speed just gradually increased, when I noticed I went back to the speed limit."

He said nobody had mentioned to him his speed in the car and describing the mood inside the vehicle he said: "People were playing music, they were talking, chatting around, singing."

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After the group went to meet friends in Abingdon he said he drove his three passengers towards White Horse Hill.

He denied driving 'aggressively' and with sharp cornering and said he had been travelling at about 50 or 60 mph.

Bradley told jurors he knew the road well, having regularly driven on it for a number of years and he denied reaching speeds of up to 90 mph.

Speaking of the moment of the collision in which the car hit a tree he said: "I felt the back end of the car slide out to the left and tried to correct it. I could not correct it at all."

After escaping the crashed car he said a taxi driver arrived and the emergency services were called.

Asked how he felt after the crash he said: "It is definitely life changing."

Explaining how he felt about the injuries suffered by his two passengers he said: "I don't know how to word it to be honest.

"Sorry for what happened and I wish I could have done something. It runs across my brain quite a lot to be honest, not knowing how it all happened."

The trial continues.