A MAN on trial for dangerous driving and thereby injuring two passengers told police that the 'road conditions' were to blame for the crash.

Prosecutors at Oxford Crown Court claim that Andrew Bradley’s ‘dangerous’ driving seriously injured two of his three passengers, leaving one in a wheelchair.

One of the passengers inside the crashed Ford Focus ST later claimed that Bradley was driving at up to 130mph along the dark rural roads around southern Oxfordshire, prosecutors claim.

The 28-year-old of Kingfishers, Grove, denies two counts which allege that he caused serious injury to two passengers – Zachariah Gordon and Courtney Howe – by dangerous driving.

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Earlier in the trial the jury were told that the crash took place in the early hours of Sunday, October 28, 2018 at the B4507 at Westcot, near Uffington.

As the trial continued yesterday jurors were read a transcript of a police interview Bradley gave with officers shortly after the crash, on October 31.

In that interview at Abingdon police station he said that the car he was driving had 'lost traction' and that he had made efforts to correct it.

He claimed he was driving at 'about 55 or 60 mph' before the crash and said he could recall hitting the right side of the road before waking up with his head on the floor.

Bradley told officers that he and his front seat passenger got out of the car before trying to find a phone to call emergency services, when a taxi driver arrived on the scene.

Earlier in the trial jurors were told that one of the alleged victims had told Bradley to slow down.

Yesterday the jury heard that Bradley told police that 'no one said slow down to me.'

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Asked about the condition of the car he said the vehicle was in 'good mechanical order' and that he used it regularly.

He went on to say that music had been playing in the car at the time and there had been no arguments before the crash and he had not suddenly felt unwell.

Bradley told officers he had possessed a driving licence since he was 17 and had no penalty points for any driving offences.

He said that the only reason for the crash was the 'conditions of the road' which led to the loss of traction.

Bradley did admit to officers that he drove at 100 mph earlier that evening, while on a dual carriageway, and asked why he had done that he said 'I honestly don't know.'

Asked by officers if he had anything further to say Bradley told police: "Like I said, they have undone their belts at some point during that night.

"They are drinking in the back of the car."

He went on to tell police that the 'road conditions' were the reason for the crash and described the road as a a 'slippery road surface.'

Bradley denies both counts and the trial continues.