AN Oxford bus driver was shocked to find a little present which had been left on board on Christmas Eve.

A drug user had either forgotten or abandonned a small haul worth hundreds of pounds.

In a collection of plastic bags left among the seats were two bags of skunk cannabis and a small bag of Class A heroin.

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The stash also included a yellow plastic cannabis grinder, for shredding the drug before smoking, and a lighter.

Bus company staff, on discovering the haul, quickly called police and asked them to come and pick it up.

Last night, Thames Valley Police Oxford took to Twitter to share this photo with a tongue-in-cheek comment.

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An officer said the stash held a 'substantial' amount of drugs, adding: "We are sure this person wouldn't have been on Santa's good list."


They signed off by wishing people a safe and enjoyable New Year.

In a separate tweet last night, the force used its main Twitter account to urge cocaine users over the New Year period to consider the effects their drug use would have on others.

As part of its True Costs campaign trying to raise awareness of the real damage that cocaine can do to people's lives, the force warned that the supply chain to get the drug from producers to users, there was a 'chain of misery'.