It's early on in the race to become Lib Dem leader - but MP Layla Moran is already bookies' favourite.

'It’s too early to talk about the leadership of the Lib Dems going forward' said the victorious Oxford West and Abingon candidate when asked by the Oxford Mail.

Odds this morning on Ms Moran becoming the next leader are 8/1

Ms Moran said she was 'elated' to have been chosen to return to parliament on behalf of Oxford West and Abingdon.

But she had words of consolation for Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson, who lost her seat in East Dunbartonshire to the SNP candidate Amy Callaghan by a narrow margin.

Ms Moran said: "I want to pay massive tribute to Jo in what has been a brutal general election campaign.

"She has faced not just professional but personal attacks the aim of which were to smear her, but she has stood up to everything which has been thrown at her."

Ms Moran said the Lib Dems were due to meet to decide 'what happens next' for the future of the party after the election.

She said the parliamentary Liberal Democrats would meet on Monday to greet their new colleagues and to discuss the future direction of the party.

Sal Brinton, president of the Liberal Democrats, told the BBC: "I want to thank Jo Swinson for her honest and fearless leadership of the Liberal Democrats.

"In this election, we gained more votes than in 2017 and we have been joined by many new MPs.

"In the weeks ahead we will elect a new leader and our party will continue to be the rallying point for anyone who believes in a country where everyone has the chance to get on in life."

Under rules of political parties, leaders must have a seat in the Commons.

A Liberal Democrat leadership contest will be held in the new year.

Until then two acting heads will be in charge of the party: Ed Davey and Sal Brinton.