WHILE voters begin casting their ballots in the general election today, another poll is taking place on perhaps a more contentious issue: sprouts.

A bristling contest of Brussels sprouts is being held on the Facebook page of Wytham's pub the White Hart by landlord Baz Butcher.

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The poll asks voters 'which sprout party should form the new house of vegetables?'

The general election-themed poll includes made-up variants of the vegetable based on the leaders of the various political parties.

The sky blue face of Nigel Farage is swathed among the leaves of the 'Not-for-Brussels Sprout'.

Alongside him is the oven ready sprout (brassica maximus) featuring Boris Johnson's face, the let me finish sprout featuring Jeremy Corbyn, Jo Swinson's face on a pickled sprout (mung campbell heritage variety) and Caroline Lucas on a vegan green sprout.

There is also a deep fried sprout featuring the face of Nicola Sturgeon, described as an 'independent grower', and a leek sprout faced by Adam Price of Plaid Cymru.

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Mr Farage features on a second vegetable: the purple sprout, described as no longer sprouting, to described the disappearance of his former party UKIP from this year's vote.

Though the vote itself was all a bit of fun, a more serious message was included alongside the poll, encouraging readers to 'use their vote' on December 12.

See the poll here