AN HMP Bullingdon inmate was caught with a mobile phone before 'throwing' the device out of his cell, a court heard.

Kevin Mcateer denies two counts alleging the possession of a mobile phone and SIM card without lawful authority in prison.

Prosecutors claim that the 28-year-old had the mobile phone and was found to have logged a known contact number which he had pre-authorised with the prison.

Steven Talbot-Hadley, for the Crown Prosecution Service, outlined the case before a jury of five women and seven men at Oxford Crown yesterday.

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He said that officers went to his cell on October 22 last year at about 10.45pm.

They found Mcateer, he said, inside his prison cell D2/11 where he 'threw' a mobile phone out of his cell.

Mr Talbot-Hadley said he was the only occupant of that cell and the device landed outside of the cell confines.

He told jurors: "A person who is in prison as a prisoner isn't allowed to have a mobile telephone.

"And that is really what this case is all about."

He went on to say that the alleged incident was witnessed by another guard who was on a lower landing.

The jury was told that on examining the phone - which contained a SIM card - one contact which was logged was also found on his 'PIN list'.

That list, he said, was an approved series of numbers which inmates can contact under prison supervision.

When he was arrested for the suspected offence he denied being in possession of the mobile phone at all.

Mr Talbot-Hadley added that he also denied throwing the device or anything out of his prison cell.

Mcateer denies the two counts alleged against him and Mr Talbot-Hadley told jurors: "You will only find him guilty if you are satisfied so that you are sure on the evidence."

The two-day trial continues.