Dear Editor,

Downright lies have characterised Boris Johnson's time at Number 10 and before, so why should we believe in him now?

What is at stake is simply our known standard of living with good possibility of improvement for all, especially those deliberately left behind by this Tory government or a massive shift into the unknown with America's Donald Trump circling us looking for a good deal for himself and his associates.

It's no good Johnson and Trump denying an interest in taking over the NHS and making more money for themselves – I know this to be true as I overheard American and British voices deep in conversation one day at the Churchill Hospital a good six years ago.

As for the honesty of the Tory manifesto, their promises to increase police numbers put more money into the NHS and schools etc, etc, these have all been deliberately kept short of funds during their term of office, so we're only getting back they they first took away.

They must think we are mugs if we vote 'em back in.

Yours sincerely

CR Watts

Butlers Drive