In the run-up to the General Election on Thursday, we are giving all the candidates in the two Oxford constituencies the opportunity to tell you, the electorate, why you should vote for them

Roger Carter, Brexit Party candidate for Oxford East

I am standing for election in Oxford East for the Brexit that 21,000 in Oxford voted for and, equally as important, to put Oxford first.

A clean Brexit brings back control of our farming, fishing, regional policy, industrial policy, transport policy, borders and much more. We can again protect nationally important industries like steel and manufacturing. It will allow the UK to grow and prosper as Merkel, Macron and the EU fear.

The EU uses high import duties of up to 70%, the Customs Union, to protect manufacturers and producers from lower World Prices – and you pay for that through much higher prices. Outside the EU Customs Union on WTO terms your weekly shop alone would be £25 cheaper with less need for food banks. Despite those big savings for everyone Labour and Lib Dems want to keep us in the Customs Union and keep prices high.

We need political change. You can find out about me, my business career and the experience I would bring as your MP and much more on our website

I think we’ve all had enough of untrustworthy politicians in Westminster.

Broken election pledges by MPs of all political parties not just over Brexit but over services for the elderly, for mental health, homelessness, veterans, crime and policing, education and the NHS.

We must stop taking homes from the elderly to pay for their care.

Compare the lack of spending on services for the vulnerable with the bloated Overseas Aid Budget.

Politicians refuse to reduce it to spend on those in most need.

Recently £85m ‘Aid’ helped Chinese industry become ‘more efficient and competitive”!

Why help China take industry and jobs from the UK when that money could put the UK’s 5,000 or so homeless rough sleepers in B&Bs for two years, or build 500+ of desperately needed affordable homes?

Let’s cut the £14.5bn Foreign Aid Budget in half, spend half on services in the UK and the remainder on helping economic migrants and refugees to build their own countries’ economies and security to have a safe future there

HS2 could cost £100bn, yet Tories, Lib Dems and Labour won’t scrap it and spend the money on services or regenerating the forgotten regions like the Brexit Party.

Student Loans are a scandal with interest being charged at 6%, the Brexit Party, would wipe out the interest on Student Loans and reduce the rate to zero per cent.

University Research departments compete across Europe for Research Funding. I propose a new UK Research Fund of £1.25-£1.5bn to replace the £850m they currently get and a £500m fund to commercialise research.

Labour Party Policies would be disastrous. Corbyn planning to remove 60% of cars from the road will cripple motor manufacturing and cost jobs at Cowley.

Policies to nationalise industries have wiped billions from share values, reducing the value of your own pension.

Labour’s tax hikes for industry to pay for nationalisation will mean firms cut jobs to save money.

Lib Dems want to ignore the democratic decision of the Referendum and keep us ruled by the EU.with growing risks to our economy.

Conservatives claim that Boris’ Deal will get us out of the EU but the Political Declaration is binding and the ‘harmonisation’ and ‘level playing field’ clauses leave us at grave risk of the proposed EU-wide Corporation Tax of around 30%.

That and other harmonisation risks could devastate British firms currently paying tax at 19%.

Politics has to be changed.

We need common sense policies that deliver what people need and make sense to everyone outside of the Westminster bubble.

That is what I would take to Westminster if you trust me with your vote.