In the run-up to the General Election on December 12, we are giving all the candidates in the two Oxford constituencies the opportunity to tell you, the electorate, why you should vote for them.

Allison Wild, Brexit Party candidate for Oxford West and Abingdon

I am an entrepreneur who, as a research scientist and software engineer, founded a local biosciences company which specialises EU cosmetic regulations. We work with hundreds of clients worldwide ensuring their products are compliant with these regulations.

I never thought of myself as a politician but when the voices of 17,410,742 of us have been silenced by our main parties, I felt that I had to speak out and do something.

Our main political parties have squandered our political and economic capital, and created a deadlock in Parliament. The Brexit Party offers a way past the turmoil and inaction.

We are the new radicals – the most dynamic, diverse and inclusive party in politics today. We are here to change politics for good.

There are so many improvements that can be made in the short term to improve the lives of our constituents.

The most dynamic part of our economy is our small businesses, so I want to help them do what they do best – create new jobs. We will exempt from Corporation Tax those one million companies with profits of under £50,000.

We will maintain subsidies and grants currently funded by our payments to the EU, and then sent back to us by the EU, to UK businesses such as farmers, fisheries, universities and research bodies.

We will increase police numbers. We need more visible policing, ensuring the focus is on combating violent crime, robbery and burglary.

The NHS must remain a publicly-owned, comprehensive service that is free at the point of use. There will be no privatisation of the NHS; where existing private initiatives, put in place by successive governments, have failed to deliver we will return them to public ownership.

It is vital to our health care system that we re-open the nursing and midwifery professions to recruitment without the degree requirement, alongside a new nursing qualification in social care.

We will introduce 24-hour GP surgeries to relieve the strain on A&E departments. This will have an immediate benefit to care in Oxford and alleviate pressure on the services at the John Radcliffe hospital.

For the fourth year in a row, the University of Oxford leads the rankings in first place in the Times Higher Education World University rankings for 2020. There is probably no other city in the world which understands better the value of education and supporting its student population. A good education is invaluable in life, and supporting students to achieve their best is a foundation in all progressive societies. To that end it is imperative that we abolish student loan interest.

We must support all students, not just those who chose higher education. We will scrap the cumbersome Apprentice Levy and improve tax incentives for employers to take on genuine apprentices.

Universal Credit has not been universally successful. We will amend the structure to support those who have paid into the system with accelerated payment processes (five-week maximum), and continue to root out fraud.

In order to support our pensioners we will review the position of women, represented by WASPI, unexpectedly short-changed by recent rises in the state pension age.

We need affordable housing! We pledge to simplify planning consents for Brownfield sites, change the funding model to make it easier for councils to borrow from central government to build council houses, introduce more flexibility on the size and type of units as part of a development, and allow more flexibility in the number of affordable homes within a development scheme.

One of the most pressing local issues is to avoid the wanton destruction of our environment and wildlife by the construction of the Oxford-Cambridge Expressway. It has progressed at pace without even so much as a public consultation.

This project must be stopped, and the £3.5bn invested in upgrading existing networks like the A34.

A vote for me is not only a vote to ensure we negotiate the best Brexit possible without the capitulation we have witnessed for the past 3.5 years, but also a vote to ensure a fairer society with investment and support where we need it most.