JACK Whitehall is right at home. Britain’s poshest comedian,and former Dragon School boy is on stage in Oxford – and he feels among friends.

Engaging and cheery, he quips about everything from Waitrose to San Pellegrino, jokes about Swindon, and feels we are kindred spirits. Most of us aren’t, of course, but that doesn’t matter. For Monday’s brace of back-to-back shows, he let his guard down and told us how much more comfortable he is here than in Sheffield, or, one suspects, anywhere north of Banbury.

Those expecting hard-hitting insights into politics and society would have been sorely disappointed – but really shouldn’t have been there anyway, because that’s not Jack’s schtick. What Whitehall does, and he does it wonderfully, is playing a cartoonish version of himself – though one which probably isn’t that different from reality.

He’s young, preppy, energetic, wealthy, expensively educated and comically out of touch with most people’s experience of reality. And it is funny. He doesn’t whinge about life’s annoyances or rage against the stupid; he is ‘the stupid’. Albeit a very keenly observed version.

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Jack is almost as famous now as the sidekick of his even more out of touch dad Michael, in the brilliant Travels With My Father series, and one of the first questions he asks is who is there to see his dad? He feigns indignation at the overwhelmingly positive response.

Anecdotes about Michael pepper the show – most notably a stomach-churning tale of food poisoning which occurs at the site of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. The image of his ultra-traditional father braced against his son with his trousers round his ankles in a Ukrainian forest is one which will stay with me for far too long.

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Similar toilet humour ‘runs’ through the show – and while silly, it is painfully hilarious. A riff on a sign spotted in America, warning people with “active diarrhea” not to enter a swimming pool would be cringey in anyone else’s hands. Not Jack’s though.


Similarly his tales of an embarrassing rash contracted in Cambodia or his mispronunciation of Lidl, Aldi and Nandos. A man of the people he is not. And amen to that!

What you see is what you get. And this crowd couldn’t get enough.

Highly recommended... do catch him when you can.