Dear Madam,

If Oxford were part of Indonesia, all our city councillors would by now have been arrested, tortured and sentenced to 15 years in prison.

For committing what heinous crime? For voting to raise the flag of West Papua – illegally occupied by Indonesia for 56 years – from the rooftop of Oxford Town Hall last Sunday.

And on that same day, December 1, indigenous West Papuans were indeed arrested by Indonesian paramilitary police for the very same 'crime' – raising their flag as a peaceful expression of their political aspiration for independence from Indonesian colonial rule.

Thankfully the Indonesian regime has no power over Oxford City Council, but the sight of the Morning Star flag flying proudly over Oxford gives our West Papuan sisters and brothers strength and hope. They know they are not forgotten.

So, thank you from our hearts to all our city councillors, and especially our Mayor, Craig Simmons, for yet again making this powerful stand for peace, freedom and justice for West Papua.

We in Britain too often take our precious freedom for granted. So please take a look up at the illegal flag flying over our city – and give thanks.

Richard Samuelson

South Street

Middle Barton

Chipping Norton